Viral Now: Surat Vendor Makes Biggest Ice Gola Weighing 5Kgs; Guess Its Price?


Ice Gola, also known as Barf ka Gola, is a popular street-style delight consumed during the summers. The treat is prepared by putting together crushed ice in a spherical structure which is then dipped in the syrup of choice. Kala Khatta is one of the most popular flavours of this ice cream treat. The Ice Gola has amassed many followers across the world. A street food vendor in Surat, Gujarat has managed to achieve the extraordinary by creating a huge Ice Gola weighing over 5kgs. Here’s the full video of the Ice Gola:

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The video of the Ice Gola was shared on YouTube by popular food blogger Amar Sirohi, also known as @foodieincarnate. The clip has gone viral receiving nearly 600k views on the video-sharing application. The Ice Gola is said to be the biggest in India and is priced at Rs. 999/-.

In the nearly five-minute-long clip, the food blogger shows us the making of the giant Ice Gola. First, 3.5kg of crushed ice is collected and shaped into a tall cylindrical tower. Then, multiple flavoured syrups are poured onto the Ice Gola including raw mango and chocolate. Kesar Rabri and fresh cream are also added on top of the giant Gola, which becomes bigger with every additional ingredient. The enormous dessert was then topped with grated Mawa and four scoops of ice cream. Another layer of fresh cream finished off the sweet which was finally garnished with chocolate chips, syrups and cherries and served.

The humongous sweet could be eaten by 12 people as claimed in the video. This interesting and unique preparation is definitely going to be on our foodie bucket list! What did you think of the Ice Gola? Tell us in the comments below.

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