Viral Photo: Woman Ties Rakhi To Injured Leopard, Wins Hearts


Picture shows woman tying rakhi to an injured leopard.

A photo is winning hearts all over the internet shows a woman tying rakhi to a leopard in Rajasthan. Her novel gesture and unconditional love to the animal is winning hearts on social media.

The photo shows the woman wearing pink saree, with her head covered, tying a Rakhi to injured leopard moments before it is handed over to the local forest department.

Shared by Indian Forest (IFS) Officer Susanta Nanda on Twitter on Friday, the caption reads, “For ages, man & animal in India have lived in harmony with unconditional love to the wild. In Rajasthan, a lady shows this unfettered love to our wild by tying a Rakhi(symbol of love & brotherhood ) to an ailing Leopard before handing over to Forest Department.

Since being shared, the post has garnered over 900 likes on Twitter. More than 90 users re-tweeted the post so far. Users praised the woman in the comment section for giving such wonderful message to people around.

“That is how it should be. We need to coexist with forests and wild life. God made all types of life and world is not only for human beings,” wrote a user.

Another said, “Tying a rakhi is symbolical…the love and affection is so beautiful…as shown by the lady…and a big applause to all the staff who take care of our forests.”

Mr Nanda is an active social media user who frequently shares wildlife-related content on Twitter.

Recently, he shared a video of a group of tigers enjoying near a stream of water. The video began with four tigers lounging in a pond. Another one was seen strolling around seeking for a good spot to sit, then sitting in the centre of the pond keeping its paw on a stone.

The viral video received more than 30,000 likes and over 1,300 likes.

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