Viral Video: This Sikh Man’s Impromptu Dance In Miami Is A Whole Mood


Saminder Singh Dhindsa has impressed thousands with his impromptu dance moves.

When Saminder Singh Dhindsa came across a group of people dancing on a sidewalk, he decided to join them and bust out some of his own moves. A video of the college student wowing the crowd with his dance moves and his infectious energy is now going viral online. 

In footage shared on Instagram, Mr Dhindsa – whose bio states he is a student at George Mason University in Virginia, USA – was seen approaching a group of hip hop dancers on a sidewalk in Miami, Florida. On being encouraged to join them, he broke into an impromptu dance that elicited cheers from the audience. Other people were seen filming the scene and cheering as the college student nailed it on the dance floor.

“When in Miami…” Saminder Singh Dhindsa captioned the footage while sharing it on Instagram. “Blessed Folks was throwing it down for a video and the boys encouraged that I randomly join,” he added.

The video, shared six days ago, has since racked up over half a million views and hundreds of comments.

The energy in this video is everything. Stay shining…” wrote one commenter. “You are a vibe,” said another, while a third remarked: “Bringing people together. I love it.”

According to his Instagram bio, Mr Dhindsa is part of the bhangra team at his university and a member of the Virginia School of Bhangra. 

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