Viral Video: Wild Hamster Poses For Photograph In An Adorable Way, Internet Surprised


Picture shows the wild hamster getting photographed.

Pets and their innocent behaviour are quite endearing to watch. A video showing a wild hamster posing for photograph is winning hearts on social media.

Shared by Buitengebieden on Twitter on Friday, the caption reads, “Have you ever seen a wild hamster doing a photoshoot?” The video has been credited to Julian Rad, a wild photographer.

The 22-second footage begins with a photographer holding a camera when a hamster pops its head out of the ground . The photographer is seen offering a beautiful flower to the animal. The hamster then comes out from the ground covered with grass and attempts to eat the flower.

The photographer keeps a hold of the beautiful flower being nibbled by the hamster to distract and starts taking shots of the animal.

The sound of the camera shutters and the sweet small critter nibbling on the beautiful flower adds a lovely tone to the video.

Later in the video, the photographer captures fantastic photographs of the hamster, which are truly magnificent and praiseworthy. The photographs demonstrate that they were taken from several camera angles.

Since being shared, the video has amassed over 4 million views and more than 1.7 lakh in just one day. Twitter users have shared the post over 21,000 times likes so far.

“I didn’t even know hamsters were found in the wild – I thought they were a “bred for humans” result, like pugs. Imagine a pug in the wild,” wrote a user while another said, “I didn’t know either so I learned something new today,” replying to the first user’s comment.

A research recently became popular on the internet which talked about a gene-editing experiment on hamsters. The team of neuroscientists that carried out the research was left “really surprised” after the experiment, which turned the docile creatures into “aggressive” monsters.

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