Viral Video: Woman’s Fearless Workout Before Skydiving Stuns Internet


Picture shows the skydiver hanging from plane.

Videos of people showcasing bravery in various fields have been widely shared on the internet, and the viewers enjoy them as well. A video of a woman skydiver working out while hanging from the side of a plane is making the rounds on the internet.

Shared by a skydiver named Katie Vasenina on Instagram on August 1, the video is going viral now. The video begins by showing Ms Vasenina hanging from the side of a plane and doing some abdominal exercises. She then releases her grip on the clings and leaps to the ground from the sky.

“The only way to workout abs,” Ms Vasenina wrote while sharing the post. The video has stunning views of 49.2 million and more than 5.7 lakh of likes on Instagram since being shared. Users can be seen thrilled by the bravery of Ms Vasenina. Users flooded the comment section of the post with their amazing remarks.

One user wrote, “Nope. Absolutely not. I would have a heart attack. You look wonderful at it though.”

Another said, “So nerve wrecking…omg.”

“Meanwhile the tandems and wing suiters in the front wondering why it’s taking so long to exit,” wrote a third user.

According to her Instagram profile, Ms Vasenina is a PhD student at UCF School of Kinesiology and a VIP coach. The college provides undergraduate and graduate programmes in sport and exercise science related professions.

The Instagram profile of Ms Vasenina is full of videos that show her skydiving skills. She has more than 1.3 lakh followers.


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