Walrus Freya, Famed For Sunbathing On Docked Boats In Norway, Euthanised


Besides Norway, Freya had been spotted in the UK, Denmark and Sweden. (File)

The walrus who rose to fame this year for her adorable stubbornness to sunbathe on docked boats in Norway’s Oslo was euthanised, said officials.

Nicknamed Freya, the walrus was put down as it remained a persistent threat to human security since people were getting too close to her.

“The decision to euthanise was taken on the basis of a global evaluation of the persistent threat to human security,” said a statement by Frank Bakke-Jensen, head of Norway’s Fisheries Directorate.

“We carefully examined all the possible solutions. We concluded that we could not guarantee the well-being of the animal by any of the means available,” he said.

Repeated appeals to the public to keep distance from the walrus did not work, officials had earlier said, adding that people have also been throwing things at Freya. They said they were considering euthanising the 600-kg young female if people continue to defy its advice.

The walrus had grabbed headlines last month after she was spotted in Oslo waters, at times seen attacking a swan or sunbathing on docked boats. She had become famous with people, sometimes with children, trying to get close to her to take photographs.

Besides Norway, Freya had been spotted in the UK, Denmark and Sweden.

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