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The best way to cheer someone up is by giving them dessert. People love dessert and for some reason or the other, thinking about eating sweet itself makes them salivate! So, if you have been in a low mood or you just want to celebrate an occasion or milestone in life, the answer is dessert. Therefore, we have decided to show you how to make the world’s favourite dessert: doughnuts!

Doughnuts are round-shaped, leavened, sweet, fried dough. This dessert is available in many variations that work upon the key recipe and reinvents the plain and simple doughnuts into unique flavours. Western culture popularly pairs a doughnut with a cup of coffee but most of the world enjoys it solo as a dessert.  While this delicious dessert might seem a bit intimidating and complicated to make at home, we have found the perfect recipe that will help you create a classic doughnut in a few easy steps.

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How To Make Doughnut:

The ingredients that you need to make a doughnut at home are maida, sugar, milk, butter, egg, cinnamon powder, salt, nutmeg powder and baking powder. Start by mixing together sugar and butter. The butter should be soft, not melted. Crack an egg into the butter-sugar mixture. Sieve maida, nutmeg, cinnamon and salt into the mixture. Mix in the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients. Add milk to this and start kneading the dough. Once the dough is ready, roll it into a circle and cut out the raw doughnut using a mould. Deep fry the raw doughnuts till they are golden brown. The doughnuts are ready! You can drizzle some chocolate sauce or dust some icing sugar on top of your doughnuts to make them tastier.

See the full recipe video of Doughnuts in the header.

Try this recipe out and tell us how you liked it!

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