Watch: Little Boy Plays Drums Made Out Of Empty Vessels And Wooden Sticks, Leaves Internet In Awe


Internet is mighty impressed with the boy’s innovation

Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. However, they are still some innovative people who have the skills to create ”something out of nothing.” Speaking of which, a little boy has left the internet stunned with his musical skills. In the absence of a real drum and sticks, the boy was seen playing rhythmic music on a drum fashioned with scrap materials, empty vessels, and wooden sticks. 

The clip was shared on Instagram by user Zijian Tang which shows the talented boy happily and enthusiastically beating the utensils held upside down, to produce music. Sticks were used to keep everything in place, and there was a happy smile on the face of the adorable boy, who was thoroughly enjoying his little performance.

Watch the video here:

Needless to say, people were mighty impressed with the boy’s innovation and were in awe of his talent. Some also asked for information regarding the boy, so that they could help him out and buy him a real drum set. Posted on November 5, the clip has amassed more than 30 lakh likes and several comments. 

One user said, ‘’Happiness is most precious than the money he has no cost,” while another commented, ‘’What’s lacking in our world is opportunities!” A third commented, ‘’Let’s make a crowdfund and buy one for him.” A fourth said, ‘’I hope this video gets this kid some kind of money to help his family or his situation. Imagine him with a drumset.”

A fifth said, ‘’This kid is going to be a successful drummer 🥁 feel it, see it, believe it achieve it!!!!” Yet another wrote, ”Someone get me this kids information. I want to buy him a drum set. This is talent right here.”

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