Watch: Man Returns US Woman’s Lost Wallet, Internet Calls Him “Ambassador Of Indian Tourism”

Watch: Man Returns US Woman’s Lost Wallet, Internet Calls Him “Ambassador Of Indian Tourism”

The incident took place in Bhuj, Gujarat.

In a heartwarming incident, a woman from the United States, who forgot her wallet on a train in India, recently revealed how a man came forward to help her after he found her lost item. In a video, posted on Instagram by user @stephandpete_, the woman said that when she boarded a train in India, she forgot her wallet and got off at the station. Soon, she received a message on her Instagram from a man named Chirag, who informed her that he had found her purse and would return it. 

So, when the woman checked the message, she made her way to Chirag’s restaurant in Bhuj, Gujarat. In the video, she is seen thanking Chirag for his kind gesture and even offering him money, however, he refuses to accept it and instead tells her to keep her things safe. 

Watch the video below: 

“I’ve learned (3,000+ times over) how wrong I was to offer a tip for a genuine act of kindness (and how transactional the culture in America can be), how common something like this is India (I’ve been loving all of the other lost and found stories!), and lastly, how many people think I lost my wallet on purpose (in month 17 of traveling with a three-year-old, I assure you that this kind of carelessness comes naturally.)” the caption of the post read. 

The woman shared the video earlier this month and since then it has accumulated more than 3,000 likes and nearly 50,000 likes. 

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“I’m glad you got it back. So proud of people like Chirag! Hope you have a great stay In India. Lots of love,” wrote one user in the comment section. “People like Chirag are the real ambassadors of Indian tourism. He searched for her by her name on social media, and even without knowing correct English, he tried to help her with that message,” commented another. 

A third user said, “Maybe the misconceptions about India change with this! Appreciate Chirag’s attitude and helping mentality. Hope you guys enjoy the trip in India” while a fourth added, “such a lovely video of positivity!” “This is the beauty of India,” expressed fifth. 

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