Watch: Riflebird Performs Special Moves To Woo Female, Unimpressed She Flies Away


The video has been viewed more than 958,000 times.

A hilarious moment caught on camera shows a magnificent riflebird performing an elaborate mating dance for a female before apparently being rejected.

The video shared on Twitter by Wonder Of Science has already been viewed more than 958,000 times. It shows Victoria’s riflebird engaging in a mating dance for an unimpressed female that promptly flies off in search of a better match. 

Check out the video below: 

In the video, the young bird can be seen demonstrating his dance routine to his prospective partner, with plenty of enthusiastic wing waving. However, the female appears unimpressed and looks around him, before taking off abruptly. The male bird is left standing with his wings out, staring after her. 

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The short video has left internet users in splits. While one user jokingly wrote, “I’m not a female but I’m impressed,” another said, “The birdie’s efforts were commendable, and his cute little dance routine has definitely won him a human fan over here.” “This is why I have never danced. I would absolutely face the exact same result and humiliation,” said a third user. “Omg that split second at the end you could see his disappointment,” noted fourth. 

According to Florida Star, the riflebird inhabits northern Queensland in Australia and is easily noted for its loud, repeated hiss. The male riflebirds are the striking members of the species. Their black plumage is a deep iridescent purple with flashes of turquoise running across their heads, chest and tails. The riflebird usually measures between 9 and 11 inches. 

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Meanwhile, another hilarious video featuring a bird went viral a while back. A clip of a bird flying away with a woman’s pizza left the internet in stitches. The post also prompted netizens to share their own experiences. “That happened to one of my sandwiches while sharing the beach with some birds! They were incredibly aggressive, swooping in for the grab while l was getting some water three feet away,” said one user. 

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