Watch: The Special Mother-Son Reunion Makes Internet Emotional

Watch: The Special Mother-Son Reunion Makes Internet Emotional

“The mother is blessed and the son is an Angel,” said a user.

Sons share a very special bond with their mother. They share a deep relationship and nothing comes close to it. Mothers are the first people sons rely on for any help and rescue. A sweet video of a Kerala man meeting his mother after a gap of five years is making rounds on the internet. 

The video was shared by the Official Humans of Kerala on Instagram. Rojan Parambil, a native of Kerala who had spent five years in Switzerland, was distressed to see his mother’s deteriorating health upon his return to India. In the video, Mr Parambil carries his mother to the car to take her out to show her around Athirumpuzha, which also happens to be her hometown. Another woman is seen offering her a cup of tea which she sips happily. The mother-son duo also clicks a selfie and enjoys the time together.

“Years ago, I had taken Ammachi to Switzerland and showed her around Europe. She was delighted to see the new places. But I could only go to India almost 5 years after that because of Covid. It broke my heart to see Ammachi. She looked much older – more white hair than ever -and weaker. She couldn’t stand or walk properly. She told me that she hadn’t even gone to church for years! I decided to take her out,” the page wrote alongside the video, on behalf of Mr Parambil.

“I work at an old age home in Switzerland. So, with that experience, I gave her a bath, got my sisters to get her dressed, and decided to take her in my car. Everyone said it was not the best idea. I went ahead anyway! I lifted her up on my shoulders and made her sit in the car and off we went around 20 km away to her hometown Athirumpuzha. She couldn’t remember many places, but it still made her happy. I took videos to send to my siblings living in different places around the world. They were all worried for Ammachi but still happy to see her up and about. I had also once taken her to witness the ‘Neelakurinji’ bloom. She was tired and sick after the journey but was elated to have finally witnessed what she had always wished for,” they further stated.

Since being shared, the video has amassed over 5.7 lakh views and 72,000 likes.

“The mother is blessed and the son is an Angel,” said a user.

A second person said, “Couldn’t control my tears seeing this.”

“I wish I could’ve taken my grandma on a flight before she passed away. I miss her so much, everyday. You’re the best thing she could’ve asked for,” added another user.

“Mum’s are irreplaceable. Every moment you have with them should be cherished. Only memories will remain later. I think it was wonderful you took her around,” noted a person. 

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