Watch: This Sindoor Scene From ‘Thapki Pyar Ki’ Is Viral For Defying The Laws Of Physics


Social media has been trolling a scene from ‘Thapki Pyar Ki’

It’s safe to say that desi television viewers are no strangers to bizarre scenes. From a laptop being washed in a kitchen sink to “rasode mein kaun tha” – the Internet has managed to dig out gems from the multitude of strange television episodes. The latest to join this list is a scene featuring Jigyasa Singh and Akash Ahuja from Thapki Pyar Ki 2. A promo clip with the scene was recently released by Colors TV on social media and quickly went viral. The Internet can’t stop laughing at the way in which it disregards all laws of physics and motion for the sindoor to land on the lead actress’ forehead. 

In the scene, Thapki (played by Jigyasa Singh) is about to apply sindoor or vemillion after getting out of the shower. She is seen standing still in front of the mirror when her husband Purab, played by Akash Ahuja, slips on a barely-perceptible amount of water on the floor. Flinging his arms around wildly, he still manages to cover the distance of a few feet between himself and his wife, take a pinch of sindoor in his hand and apply it on Thapki’s forehead. His movements – as viewers were quick to note – defied all logic and laws of gravity. 

Since being shared on Friday, the sindoor scene has gone viral on social media. It has racked up over 1.9 million views on Facebook alone – and many more on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter. 

In the comments section, people slammed the scene as “utter nonsense” and “the stupidest thing ever”. 

“Comedy Nights With Kapil has a competitor,” wrote one amused viewer. “This is another level of stupidity!” said another.

Physics and logic has been murdered here, declared one Twitter user after watching the scene

Social media users could not stop trolling the scene

“I’m surprised he couldn’t find a Varmala while he was slipping,” one viewer quipped

And some shared more outlandish Indian television moments

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