Watch: Ukraine Child’s Heart-Melting Reaction As Soldier Mom Returns


Ukraine: The solider approaches the child and the two share a warm hug.

Images and videos of soldiers returning home after days in war and conflict-ridden areas are always special. Adding to the list of such heart-warming visuals, Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has shared a video of a soldier returning home amid the Russian invasion and receiving a warm welcome from a child, presumably her son.

The video begins with the soldier stepping out of a car outside her house as a child waits by the gate. The little one has his face cupped in his hands, apparently so happy to have his mother back that he does not know how to react in that special moment. The soldier takes the child in her arms. Their pet, equally excited, is seen jumping around them.

Sharing the video, Mr Gerashchenko said, “This is what we’re fighting for.”

Replying to the video, one user said, “This short video filled my heart with happiness!”

Another person noted, “I think how my 6-year-old gets anxious when my wife isn’t around and it just breaks my heart that these children in Ukraine have to deal with this.”

“Aww. I hope the doggie got their hugs too,” a comment read.

Sharing a similar experience, a person said, “That is heartwarming – but a hard lump in the throat also.  When my husband came home from deployment having missed 9 months of Little Quidamity Quokkas life she wouldn’t give him the cuddles she gave the local postman. She didn’t know him. Those sacrifices are mirrored here.”

Earlier, Mr Gerashchenko had shared another video of an Ukrainian soldier returning to his family. The soldier was seen greeting his family with flowers, with tears and smiles. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine began in February this year and has left thousands of Ukrainians displaced even as the country continues to put up a brave fight.

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