Watch: Video Of Punjab Girl Selling Street Food Has Gone Viral On The Internet

Watch: Video Of Punjab Girl Selling Street Food Has Gone Viral On The Internet

The internet is filled with all sorts of amazing content. Every day, we come across different news reports that are entertaining, amusing and informative. But if you’re a foodie, just like us, one thing that’ll keep you glued to your screens is content related to food. Whether it’s a cooking tutorial, unique food combinations or videos of interesting eateries, anything related to food gives us immense joy. Recently, we came across a video in which a girl can be seen selling aloo tikki chaat at an eatery in Punjab. While the food definitely caught our attention, it is the girl who garnered several reactions and left netizens impressed. 

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The viral video was shared on Instagram page ‘officialsahihai.’ In the clip, we can see a young girl selling aloo tikki chaat to customers at an eatery in Punjab. She has her hair tied in a covering. “Girl dressed as sardar ji sells street food in Punjab.” read the caption in the story. As per @officialsahihai, the girl has been selling this at Bagh Gali, Moga, for the past 17 years. Take a look at the full video here: 

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Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered 9.8 million views, 243K likes and thousands of comments. Many people have praised this young girl for her hard work and dedication. Take a look at some of the reactions: 

“Born and raised in Cali, but these aloo tikkis are incomparable to anything else. And yes, she’s been there that long! Every time I see aloo tikkis in the USA, I always mention that they are nothing compared to these. They used to be on the street selling and they’ve expanded a lot over the years. So nice to see this, thanks for sharing!” 

“We are proud of you my lovely! Keep it up! Missing these days. I love my Moga.” 

“I’ve been eating tikki from her since she was a little girl. She is just helping her father in Moga city, Punjab.” 

“Hats off to hard work. Probably adds additional protection.” 


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