Weight Loss: Replace Simple Rotis With Detox Rotis (Lauki Roti Recipe Inside)


Roti is an important part of an Indian diet. Indians tend to eat roti at least twice a day. Even though roti is not unhealthy as such but when you are on a journey to lose weight, even the simplest and smallest things need to be taken into consideration. But just because something is not unhealthy doesn’t mean it can’t be healthier! That is where we found detox roti. The goal of detox roti is to help decrease one’s flour intake without having to decrease the portion of the food consumed daily.

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Detox roti is a combination of atta and vegetable. By doing so, you are consuming calories worth half a roti when you are eating one detox roti. The best part about detox roti is that it can be prepared using any seasonal vegetable. You can choose the vegetable according to availability and according to the body’s need for nutrients. Eating detox roti helps deal with portion control and calorie intake.

Detox roti is fluffier than normal roti.

Weight Loss: How To Make Lauki Roti

Detox Roti is very simple to make. What you need is to take a 1:1 ratio of your atta and your choice of vegetable. You need to mix the two ingredients and simply knead the dough. Then make rotis out of that vegetable dough. Lauki is a summer season vegetable. Full of moisture, lauki helps keep your body hydrated and cool. To make lauki roti, take one cup of pureed lauki and 1 cup of atta. You can puree the lauki in a blender. Make a dough using the two. Because lauki has high water content, you wouldn’t need to add water like you need to do in normal atta.

Click here for the full recipe of Lauki Roti.

Get on the healthy bandwagon by trying out this recipe and let us know how you liked it.

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