What is Grace Period in Car Insurance & Its Importance?


What is the grace period in terms of car insurance and why is it important? Here’s learning more about the same.

So, do you know what the grace period is? Well, it’s the specified period provided by the vehicle insurance service provider to renew the policy after the plan has expired! You will be able to enjoy the benefits of the No Claim Bonus in the period that you may have earned in previous years for not raising any claims. So, how is that even possible? Well, to learn further on this front, let’s keep reading below.qo00gquo

Here’s a brief:

So, when you have earned a discount percentage on the premium sum for not doing anything about the claim the previous year, the discount will get applicable when you renew your policy in the grace period. Nonetheless, you may be unable to claim during this particular period.

Even when you have additional time in hand for renewing the policy, it becomes imperative to keep the vehicle insured because no one can issue a guarantee about unforeseen situations not happening. These may include riots, cyclones, theft, and more. When you keep the car insured all the time, you may get requisite financial aid for unforeseen damages or losses. In addition, the insurer would not be able to send anyone for the car inspection if the policy gets renewed before its expiry.

To speak simply, the grace period in the car insurance policy is around 15 to 30 days. And it entirely depends entirely on the conditions and terms of the insurance company’s policy. You will be able to renew the policy upon the expiry of this grace period. However, in such scenarios, you will have to pay an extra amount of money.


Benefits of Renewing the Policy on Time

The following are the benefits when you wish to renew your plan on time.


There are multiple benefits of renewing the plan on time. You can keep the No claim bonus that you may earn.

  • Your insurance company will offer the plan at a premium rate.
  • The plan will remain active during the period, but the vehicle might not get covered for the loss or damage. You might not raise the claim during the grace period. However, you may get the NCB benefit.


So, you have now seen what the grace period is and how renewing the car insurance policy during the grace period is beneficial for you.

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