Why Must You Get Vaccinated? ‘Family Guy’ Explains In Viral PSA Video


Family Guy debuted in 1999 and has since developed a cult following among fans

A global vaccination drive against Covid-19 is underway, with governments, scientific experts, epidemiologists, and voluntary organisations all trying to get as many people immunised as possible. However, vaccine-hesitancy is still being noted among many people. So, the makers of the hit animated series Family Guy have teamed up with the Ad Council to produce a public service announcement and raise awareness about the vaccination campaign. The three-minute video shows Peter Griffin, the protagonist of the series, debating whether or not to get vaccinated at the doctor’s office.

“God, I hate getting shot. Why do I got to get this stupid vaccine anyway?” says Peter, as he sits on the exam table. Brian Griffin, the anthropomorphic white Labrador, tells him, “Peter, it’s COVID. You should know how to say it. It’s been well over a year.”

Then enters Dr Elmer Hartman, the Griffin Family’s doctor, and asks Peter if he has any questions about the vaccine. Peter asks him how a vaccine works?

The official Twitter handle of the Family Guy shared the clip, saying, “Have questions about the COVID-19 vaccines? Visit http://GetVaccineAnswers.org for the most accurate and timely facts so we can all get back to the moments we love and miss most.”

Stewie Griffin, Peter’s son, interrupts the discussion and explains.

“Vaccines have been around for hundreds of years. They helped eliminate smallpox from the face of the Earth. And they are well on their way doing the same with polio. Those were once devastating diseases, you understand. And now, thanks to vaccines, you don’t even have to worry about them,” says Stewie.

He and Brian then teleport themselves into Peter’s bloodstream and float inside the plaque-filled arteries to show how the vaccines train the body to respond to an infection.

The makers of Family Guy said in a statement the campaign has been “designed to educate, entertain and encourage” people to feel confident getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

The video has received more than a million views so far. Many people praised the team for making this video.

Another said he “cannot express” his love for this video.

Funny and informative, said a third.

“Very much appreciated by this family that lost loved ones to Covid. Hopefully, Stewie leading the charge gets through to some people,” said one user.

Another said this short video should have been a full episode.

Family Guy debuted in 1999 and has since developed a cult following among its fans. It entertains them with sharp humour and spectacular animation.

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