Woman With Split Tongue Tastes 2 Drinks At Same Time, Watch Her Reaction


Ms Shihadeh said she can taste two separate things at the same time due to her split tongue

Brianna Mary Shihadeh is a dreadlock artist living in California, who has a passion for body modification. She has surgically split her tongue and has now said that she can taste two separate things at the same time. Ms Shihadeh, who has over 228,000 followers on Instagram, recently posted a reel on the social media platform where she tries Sprite (a soft drink) and water at the same time.

In the video captioned “What two flavors would you try first?” you can see her pouring a glass of water alongside a glass of Sprite. As she bends down, her split tongue allows her to taste both the drinks at the same time. After tasting it, the caption superimposed on the video reads “This makes my brain feel weird”.

The video with nearly 200,000 views is full of comments such as “This is exactly the quality content I need on a Monday”. One user even posed the question “Isn’t this the same as drinking them at the same time? Curious”, with Ms. Shihadeh responding saying “you can taste it not mixed but as two separate items”.

According to the British Dental Journal the process of tongue splitting is dangerous and those who do it “are putting themselves at serious risk of haemorrhage, infection and nerve damage.”

Selina Master, Junior Vice Dean of the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons in the United Kingsom has said: “As dental surgeons, we’ve seen some of the horrific consequences of these procedures. It’s so important that people realise they are putting themselves at serious risk of significant blood loss, infection, nerve damage and problems being able to breath or swallow.”

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