YouTuber Deletes Channel After She’s Caught Telling Son To “Act Like You’re Crying”


Jordan Cheyenne was filmed forcing her son to pose while he was crying

A YouTuber has deactivated her channel after she was caught forcing her nine-year-old son to cry for a video thumbnail. California-based blogger Jordan Cheyenne shared a video on her YouTube channel last week in which she was heard telling her son “act like you are crying”. According to Daily Dot, the video, titled ‘We are heartbroken”, was released after the YouTuber found that a puppy she had recently adopted was diagnosed with parvovirus, a viral infection that can be fatal in unvaccinated dogs. 

“Act like you’re crying,” Ms Cheyenne was heard telling her son Christian as they sat inside a car. 

“I am crying,” the visibly-upset nine-year-old responded. 

The YouTuber then proceeded to give her son a series of instructions “for the video”, asking him to look at her face, look at the camera, put his hand on his face and more. The video was released on YouTube Wednesday, presumably because Ms Cheyenne forgot to edit the footage before sharing it with the world. 

Jordan Cheyenne boasted of over half-a-million subscribers on her YouTube channel, which she has now deactivated. A report from Social Blade, a social media analytics site, shows that she lost over 1,000 subscribers on the day she posted the video. 

While the original video was pulled down shortly after negative reactions started flooding in, it has since been re-posted online. The video has racked up over 1.7 million views on Twitter, where many slammed it as “disgusting”.

According to Insider, Ms Cheyenne issued an apology for forcing her son to pose while crying before deactivating her channel. “It’s so wrong. I should never have done that,” she said in the video. “Today I want to let you know I’m so disgusted with myself for posing for a thumbnail on such an emotional video,” she continued.

The YouTuber confirmed to Insider in a statement that she would no longer be featuring her son in her videos.

“I’d like to say I am deeply upset and horrified with myself that I even got to this point, prioritizing my son’s mental health should’ve been the first thing on my mind and I can’t say how disappointed in myself I am,” she said. 

She added that she would be “removing myself off the internet for a while.”

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